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2005: Disaffiliation
Here are posted, in more or less chronological order, letters from former GGWO affiliates and other relevant correspondence.

Lake Elsinore (a "prototype" disaffiliation letter, circa 1983)

Pastor Schaller March 2005, to affiliated pastors of GGWO, re his opinions on Sandy Cove, presiding elder position in Baltimore, the anointing, and affiliation

Pastor Wilkosz replying to Pastor Schaller's letter

Pastor Wood replying to Pastor Schaller's letter

Florida Conference Letter March 31, signed by 86 GGWO leaders, expressing concerns that the Sandy Cove process and document had been misinterpreted and maligned

Pastor Ellis April 5, responding to a letter from Pastor Matti Sirvio who had written from Baltimore in support of the selection of Pastor Schaller and other recent GG events and positions

Pastors Morin and Graziano April 15

Pastor Morin April 22

Pastor Hogarth April 23

Marlborough April 23, supporting Pastor Schaller

Pastor Graziano April 29 

Pastor Prokop April 29

Russian Pastors April 30

Pastor Lutz April

Pastor Corbiere et al, May 1, supporting Pastor Schaller

Pastor Fellows May 5

Pastor Moon  May 7, supporting Pastor Schaller

Pastor Kelley et al, May 9

Pastor Carl Stevens letter to pastors, May 11

Pastor Graziano public letter, May 22

Rome Church May

Pastor Wood May

Pastor Lutz May

Pastor Michaud et al, June

Pastor Bestman July 2, includes a perspective on Pastor Scibelli's oversight of African churches  

Pastor Meixner et al, July 31

Pastor Paul Stevens September 14

Gerald Schmidt, Vienna, Austria, January 2012, reports on the Aftermath of Rob Prokop's Disaffiliation