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A Declaration of Repentance and a Plea for Forgiveness from Daniel Lewis, former elder of GGWO/TBS:

A Declaration of Repentance and a Plea for Forgiveness

December 9, 2005


I, Daniel E. Lewis, am writing this as a confession to the church of Jesus Christ.  I have already confessed to God and I believe He has forgiven me. (I John 1:9).  I blame no one but myself.  I am not passing the buck on to anyone but myself. I repent of having been a responsible agent of TBS/GGWO in the following sins:


1) I did not biblically investigate accusations about people and deal with them biblically.  I chose to listen to hearsay, gossip and slander and then to believe and act upon those forms of communication.  This includes the fact of maligning. For this I repent of this terrible sin(s).


2) I chose to believe that in some way I was personally part of a ministry that I thought was superior to other ministries and developed an elitist mentality.  I repent of this terrible sin.


3) I blindly chose to believe in the innocence of co-leaders in TBS/GGWO in situations and events that I failed to investigate properly.  When I received knowledge contrary to my beliefs, I failed to act appropriately and correct the communication of my false assumptions.   Since I too was guilty of not being innocent of the right action, I must repent.  For all aspects of these sins, I repent.


4) I actively lied to people either because I believed in unsubstantiated lies about them or knowingly lied when I knew what I was saying was a lie or lies. For this sin I repent.


5) I believe I was deceived and knowingly did not listen and heed the Holy Spirit’s guidance when He specifically informed me of the deception.  I repent.


6) I contributed in the propagation of discrediting people and ministries that I believed were to be discredited because they differed or disagreed with me and the leadership of GGWO.  I repent of this.


7) I taught unsound doctrine and incorrect application of doctrine to young people and adults which contributed to their maybe erring in the true biblical faith.  For this horrible sin and in great brokenness before God and you, I completely repent.


8) I entered into blind allegiance to TBS/GGWO and was sinfully loyal to one man’s perception of God when I was responsible to develop my own relationship and convictions with God.  For these sins I repent.


I ask the church of Jesus Christ to forgive me as God has. I would like in my repentance to be responsible for action with anyone I did sin against to work the work of repentance in their offended character.  In other words, I would like to as much as possible to agree quickly with any offended person and make things right where possible.  I know I cannot do much.  But I can speak with whoever I can.  I will try to correct false statements and right any wrongs if possible and within reason.  My desire is to restore fellowship around the cross of Christ and even though we might not be friends in a close way, at least you will know I did all I could to make right with an offended brother any thing that I was directly and/or indirectly responsible for. Please contact me if it is necessary to speak with me directly.


I give you my email address: