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2005: Sandy Cove
  Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to reform TBS/GGWO.  In February 2005, a meeting of GGWO pastors was held in Sandy Cove, Maryland, motivated by concern over GGWO's doctrines and practices.  This was an extraordinary opportunity for pastors to get together and wrestle with the longstanding problems in the ministry, and steer GGWO toward the Bible and reform.  While the Declaration and Covenant was appreciative of Carl Stevens, the Session Notes (which were not immediately shared with the Baltimore congregation) repudiated some of his more extreme teachings and practices.    

As it became clear that Carl Stevens and his replacement, Tom Schaller - and therefore GGWO - would not respect the Sandy Cove reforms, eighty or so like-minded pastors and affiliates met in Florida in March, and then Chicago in May to finalize their break with GGWO.  They formally disaffiliated and formed a new organization, the International Association of Grace Ministries  (IAGM)

The Sandy Cove doctrinal corrections ultimately made their way into IAGM's doctrinal position.

Michael Marr Summary of the Declaration and Covenant 

Sandy Cove Declaration and Covenant

Session Notes: Accountability

Session Notes: Affiliation

Session Notes: Chief elder - General

Session Notes: Chief elder - Spiritual father

Session Notes: Church discipline/Pastoral discipline

Session Notes: Hermeneutics - Anointing

Session Notes: Hermeneutics - Evil

Session Notes: Hermeneutics - Marking

Session Notes: Hermeneutics - General 

Session Notes: Pastoral Authority 

Pastor Ellis Affiliation Model 

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