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Michael Marr Summary
  "Thank you, Pastor Bilowith. Well, good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I just want to report to you about the nature of the very historic week that a group of us spent in Sandy Cove, Maryland this past week. But I want to set the stage with one scripture which really tells it all. If you’ll open with me to I John, Chapter 2 and we’re going to read one verse, verse 27. ‘But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you,’…that speaks of the presence of the Holy Spirit which has given us that anointing…’and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.’

Now, we in our frailty and in our humanity tend to deny reality. We tend to say, oh, there’s never any problems…everything is fine. But the Spirit of God will convict us always about the truth. And the only way that we can enjoy real unity is in truth. And before we get to truth, we must understand that Truth is a person, and that His Spirit is the one who gives us that Truth…the Holy Spirit.

We came together as a group of men and I don’t think it’s not symbolic that there was sixty-six of us there. And the very first thing that we did was to examine the scriptures. But, even before we examined the scriptures, we examined hermeneutics...what is the proper interpretation of the scriptures.

I was so full of joy that week and I was so privileged, privileged to be with these amazing men of God. I can’t tell you, I cannot remember a time in my entire life when my soul was not as rich, as built up, as edified because what I saw is…I saw men, many who were hurting because they’ve been falsely labeled and shunned and marked unbiblically come together and examine the scriptures. And I saw the most beautiful, beautiful sense of unity develop around the truth.

We broke down into twelve groups…another significant number for twelve is God’s governmental number. Half of the groups had five men and half of the groups had six men. And no person in particular had any position, only the Holy Spirit was the one who was honored and through His leading and by His leading and with His leading and with His encouragement and with His anointing, He taught us...amazing truths and things that we all agreed on.

It was so precious. It was so great. We had a lot of fun too. And we prepared a document that we’ll be reading to you next week, called the Sandy Cove Declaration and Covenant. Oh, it’s a beautiful piece of work. And you know something? All sixty-six of us wrote that document. We wrote it together and we finished it at two-thirty in the morning, the last day, Friday morning. It is an amazing document. It’s very, very, very, rich in terms of what it says. And we also...all of our comments in terms of the examination of the scriptures that we did...we, we preserved and we’re going to make them available as a CD to all of you because we resolved to be transparent. We want you to know exactly what your body is doing.

It was an amazing time. And let me just say this as I finish…a few comments that I wanted to make…and there will be much more said about this…this is an historic time. I want to tell you, ladies and gentlemen…your ministry is in great, great health. And you can praise and thank God for that."