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The controversies surrounding TBS/GGWO have made the news, including newspapers, magazines, and television.  It is our contention that the non-religious media for the most part is fair in its reporting of Christian issues.  When Christian leaders bring scandal on themselves, the press is doing its job to expose these individuals.  As the media generally ignore or report favorably on good works done by Christians, the cry of "persecution" is unconvincing when wrongdoing is reported.

New:    YouTube Roger Mudd TV Report (mid 1980's) 

New:    YouTube Diane Sawyer TV Report (mid 1980's)  

The Speaks: problems of power, dissent                   
The Berkshire Eagle, November 4, 1985

Pastor Stevens: words of obedience, retribution            
The Berkshire Eagle, November 5, 1985

Converts sold their houses for the Bible Speaks        
The Berkshire Eagle, November 6, 1985

Coverage of the Dovydenas Lawsuit                     
The Boston Globe, 1986 - 1987

Cash on the Bible In the Matter of the Heiress v. the Preacher 
The Boston Phoenix, April 17-23, 1987 

60 Minutes Interview with Diane Sawyer                  
May 31, 1987

Heiress Wins Church Campus
The New York Times, March 8, 1988

Divine Intervention                                                              
Baltimore Free Press, May 15-21, 1997

NY Knicks and Pastor John Love                                          
NBA Notebook, from News Source, April 22, 2001

Church dispute spills onto Internet, accusations of impropriety by pastor  
Baltimore Sun, May 15, 2004

Prayer for Relief (Carl Stevens lawsuit)  
The Baltimore Daily Record, September 6, 2005

Religion Under Fire
The Berkshire Eagle, August 27, 2006

Stevens, Founder of Bible Speaks, Dies
The Berkshire Eagle, June 5, 2008