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2005: Succession

In March the Baltimore elders selected Pastor Roger Stenger to succeed Pastor Stevens as pastor and chief elder of GGWO.  After a series of events, Pastor Stenger resigned and the elders elected Pastor Tom Schaller.  Pastor Stenger was seen as a peacemaker and sympathetic to the reforms of Sandy Cove, while Pastor Schaller is viewed as more of a hard-liner. 

Some documents are presented here to describe the process, which was a factor in the large scale disaffiliation which occurred shortly thereafter.

Timeline posted and later removed from GGWO's website

Pastor Morin letter to GGWO elders, March 26

Pastor Graziano letter to GGWO elders, March

Pastor Powell letter to GGWO elders, March

Pastor White letter to GGWO elders, April 4

David Henke summary from recent newsletter, posted on IAGM's discussion board (no longer active)