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Pastor White

April 4, 2005

Dear Elders:

I write this letter for all to read. It is an open letter as all things that are Godly should be.

I am dismayed at the warring and fighting within the church in Baltimore. It has become a disgrace to the Body of Christ. I personally am humiliated to be associated with those who seem to find it so easy to afflict deep wounds on so many to gain control.

There are those I know who have done their best to find a tender way through a difficult time, and for them I am thankful and am forever endeared: Pastor Robinson,
Pastor Guy Duff, Pastor David Duff, Pastor Capello, Pastor Steve Stevens,
Pastor Marr, Pastor Stenger. I name them because I have walked with them and have seen the tenderness of Christ in them.

I have stood by watching other men of God with tender hearts be systemically attacked, discredited, demoralized and driven off as if they were dogs after giving thirty or more years of selfless service to the Body of Christ simply because they had the courage to speak the truth in love. These individuals did not attack anyone personally, they did not become slothful in their duties, and they did not enter into personal sin, they just disagreed and expressed their opinions. Along with these men many others who have giving their lives in support of this ministry have been run over, left scattered, and dismayed that all of the selfless giving over many years should have so little meaning.

Pastor Tom Powell wrote a very reasonable letter to the Elders expressing how he viewed the qualifications of those being considered to Pastor the church in Baltimore. He did it with kindness and objectivity, showing great respect for all involved.

Now Pastor Powell is under attack for heading up the meetings at Sandy Cove. Oh, yes, he did carry out the wishes of the Elders and Pastor Stevens in calling this meeting to help stem a growing tide of discontentment among the affiliated pastors. Through the meetings at Sandy Cove unity in Christ was revealed, love and respect for one another was revealed, and commitment to the Finished Work message.
It is apparent that there are individuals who are on a path of divide and conquer by making statements that Pastor Powell is “off” and is “evil”. If you have not heard this then you have not been in the raps where these statements have been made.

I have not mentioned my pastor, Pastor Carl Stevens, a man fully given to Christ who gave me grace. Luke 16:12 “if you have not been faithful in that which is another man’s who shall give you that which is your own?” My love and commitment is NOT transferable when Pastor is gone. Someone will have to earn it and Tom Schaller has not. Pastor Schaller has been given a great opportunity to be faithful with that which belongs to Pastor Stevens and all of us who have made this ministry what it is today.

Pastor Schaller you have had unlimited access to Pastor, his pulpit, congregation and staff, and as I stand here today his staff is destroyed, heart broken, and you have no kind words. Pastor’s people (congregation) are scattering and you seek them not. I have had the privilege to speak from Pastor’s pulpit many times and preached what God laid on my heart. Regretfully, today my words would be undone in a rap following the service. A responsible and true leader of God would maintain the bonds of love in the Body of Christ. If this is the best you can do you should never pastor a church.

If you believe that I am wrong please prove me wrong by restoring a spirit of love and grace. Until you do, know that I stand in protest.

Pastor Bob White