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Pastor Prokop

Vienna, April 29, 2005

To Pastor Tom Schaller, the Elders in Baltimore, the Greater Grace affiliates and all members of GGWO,

Mary and I have been in this ministry for nearly 28 years and have served in it as overseas missionaries for over twenty. We have been very blessed by many things, among them: the emphasis on grace, the cross, Body life, discipleship, evangelism and missions. Therefore, it is with deep sadness but also deep conviction that I write this letter for all to read. The Lord is my witness. It is not necessary to re-hash the details regarding the events that have taken place in Baltimore over the last year and a half, nor the happenings that have taken place over the past few months specifically in regard to the Sandy Cove process and recent elections in Baltimore. I have read all of the recent letters in response to these events by Pastors Powell, Morin, Graziano, White, Wood, Walker, Wilkosz, Simmons and Hogarth and stand in full agreement with them. I was also one of the 10 writers of the letter sent from Florida addressed to Pastor Stevens and the elders in Baltimore, which was endorsed by 84 GGWO pastors.

I wish to inform you that the 14 men on our leadership team here in Vienna have unanimously agreed that it is in the best interest of our church to pursue other options regarding our future. We also have the overwhelming support of our general assembly.

I have compiled seven reasons (in regards to Baltimore) why we are following this present course of action:

1. A serious lack of accountability: This lack of accountability extends to the governing boards of both GGWO & MBC&S, also to the local church body in Baltimore, as well as to the affiliate ministries. For example, the vote for the pastorate, in the case of Pastor Stenger, was rendered null and void by the influence of certain individuals; thus the bonafide vote of the Board of Elders was overturned. In addition, the lack of accountability to the local body and the affiliates was evidenced by an absence of transparency and honest communications regarding the ongoing state of affairs. Decisions were made both ethically and financially without regard for how these decisions would eventually affect not only the local church in Baltimore, but also the ministry worldwide.

2. A serious lack of biblical ethics: I have personally witnessed the deliberate and disgraceful campaigning for position and jockeying for power within GGWO. I have also experienced the undermining of new and effective methods for church growth and consequently have been discredited for differing with the status quo. I am well aware of the unethical process that went on which led to the resignation of Pastor Stenger as the senior pastor of Baltimore and the electing of Pastor Schaller. I am also well aware that the unanimous decision of the elders to elect Pastor Schaller as the senior pastor was in simple compliance with the majority of the church (still attending) but not necessarily in compliance with the personal convictions of the elders.

3. A serious lack of proper hermeneutics: There has been constant insistence on following the “anointed man of God” in light of Old Testament stories and types (prophets, priests and kings) rather than following Jesus Christ in accordance to the New Testament. I dare say that the kind of discipleship that is being promoted by certain leaders in Baltimore is one of co-dependence on them rather than promoting dependence on Christ.

4. A serious lack of “freedom”: There has been considerable pressure, especially recently, to stay within the confines of the “way things have always been done” (i.e. the old landmarks). Statements have consistently been made from the pulpit and at raps in an attempt to intimidate, discredit and discourage those who attempt to serve God in the way He is personally leading them.

5. A serious lack of having a “voice”: This has been witnessed in the entire Sandy Cove process. From the first conception of such a meeting (where affiliates could have a “voice” in their future) there were numerous attempts to veto Sandy Cove I. There was also quiet campaigning against it from those opposed to it, where it was labeled as “conspiratorial”, “rebellious” and “evil”. Sandy Cove was anything but that; I was there and was part of the process that brought it about. There have been numerous attempts after Sandy Cove to discredit its resolutions and the future process leading to Sandy Cove II, which was scheduled for June 2005. Everyone present signed the covenant. However, certain individuals who signed the covenant, now openly speak against it; their negativity goes unchallenged by leaders in Baltimore—a clear violation of the document they signed.

6. A serious lack of concern: One of the saddest things I have witnessed was the labeling of former staff members (who were pushed out) as “dead wood”. There is a serious lack of godly concern for their lives, as well as the lives of hundreds of people around world who have been grieved, hurt and devastated through this ordeal. There is seemingly no concern that the testimony of Jesus Christ has been utterly disgraced in our ministry, evidenced by the indifference of the present leadership to address and resolve the issues at hand.

7. A serious lack of repentance: In light of the above mentioned (i.e. the serious lack of accountability, ethics, proper hermeneutics, freedom, voice and concern), there has been no repentance in regard to these issues. With the tremendous turmoil that has occurred in Baltimore and its devastating effects worldwide, it amazes me that there is no one in leadership who steps up and assumes responsibility, proving the fact that there is indeed, no accountability. Is there anyone willing to say, “I was wrong; I repent—what can I do to make things right?” This includes the campaigning and jockeying for power, the undermining of other men and their ministries, the discarding of faithful staff members and as stated, the indifference of the present leadership to address and resolve the problems at hand.

Due to these concerns, we will no longer be promoting, supporting or attending any Greater Grace functions unless these issues are seriously noted and completely resolved. In the meantime, we are considering future alternatives for our local church here in Vienna.

Respectfully yours,

Pastor Rob Prokop