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Pastor Michaud

Dear P. Schaller & elders,

I have been with GGWO for almost 30 years now, and in January 2005 have became fully aware of the various unethical events and methods of operation as a ministry that have taken place in the past years.

I refer to, of course, the content the many letters you have received from Pastor’s Morin, Graziano, Prokop, Ellis, Powell and others. I am in full agreement with them and have been waiting to see a step towards real change and till now have not. This was GGWO’s real opportunity to make things right with the Lord and in our testimony to believers worldwide, former members, and the world. Unfortunately that opportunity to start with a clean slate was missed. A thorough repentance remains undone and halfhearted with many former members and dear friends wounded in the background over the many years. The question still echoes in minds of many here “How could such things happen in such a ministry as this one with such a teaching emphasis on wisdom, meekness, purity, integrity, mercy, etc. and for so many to be snared in this mindset and not want to know the truth and come clean with God, but to remain na├»ve.”

As a result of this I am ceasing my affiliation with GGWO. The five elders in Grace Christian Fellowship Woudenberg, The Netherlands and I voted unanimously to no longer continue in affiliation. I hold no grudge or bitterness but there is a shock & sadness at the same time about this matter.

Corrie & I are thankful for the many years we have spent together, for there were many good and deep spiritual times. In spite of the “behind the scenes” error that has been ongoing for, I still don’t fully know how many years, God has used this ministry and most of the teaching from Pastor Stevens in a very deep way in our lives. I will not let Satan rob me of the deep work of Christ that happened over the past 30 years of my life, therefore I will not be bitter but better as a more discerning Christian and servant to others in the future.

We have learned from both the good and the bad examples in GGWO over the past years, and for that I am thankful to God. There remains love in our hearts for you and we will continue to pray for you, even though we are no longer part of your organization or mindset. The church here and myself will continue to consider ourselves friends to those we have known and loved for so many years, if we will be mutually received as friends. But as far as governance is concerned we are no longer under or part of GGWO and its affiliates.

In Christ,

David & Corrie Michaud & family


Jan Lakeman

Wim Schiphorst

Jim Roberts

Martin Schreurs

Herman Askamp