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Pastor Bestman

July 2, 2005

Subject:  Letter of Disaffiliation


Dear friends,

I bring you greetings from Liberia. By the Grace of God, we are alive and continue to enjoy His faithfulness.

Even though this is a very hard letter to write, the time has come, when what we thought was an impossibility, has now come upon us. I have always thought that the Divide and Rule concept was only employed by political dictators to gain total control over their subjects. But from where I sit, it would appear that some church leaders even in our own back yard have elected to make use of such deadly tactics.

Over nineteen years ago, I got drawn to Greater Grace World Outreach, when God through His Supernatural arrangements, caused me to cross paths with Pastor Mark M. Morin. That connection led me to where I experienced John 13:34 practically. This practical application of the truth of this beautiful portion of scripture, facilitated my decision to be part of GGWO. I have enjoyed this relationship until lately when it was manifest that Pastor Scibelli has intensified his campaign to destroy what God started through us (at least so he thought) to build what he could call his own on our sweat.

For a very long time the GG church in Liberia has suffered many setbacks because of the many unbiblical ways in which Pastor Scibelli has dealt secretly with my Asst. Pastors which include but not limited to:

Discussing possible new assignments without checking with me,

Planning Mission trips without my knowledge and any regards to our local church schedules, until after the fact and decisions were already made - then I was told;

Promising better support if they would consider an assignment out of Liberia – the Freetown Mission trip was a good bait because in his own words:

There was so much money in its account,

So many churches and individuals were still signing up to support it,

Housing Allowance and every necessary logistic were in placed

The only thing that was lacking was a team. (with all the Ghanaian and West African pastors under P. Scibelli's control, I always wonder why he went after my 2 assistants to get them to go? Our key seasoned a war-torn country??? Not until now I understand his method.)

Pastor Alfred, having bought Pastor Scibelli’s offer, started to behave funny, became disgruntled, very independent, disrespectful to my office and engaged in undermining every aspect of our church work.

People have rights as to where or who they work with, but when the above mentioned factors are involved then something or someone is influencing their decision.

The little I have observed from Pastor Scibelli's style of leadership does not seem to have any regards to the Principles that we have been taught about the local indigenous church and all that involves.

This unbiblical actions of his got me into some prayerful considerations, during which two things became clearer to me:

That because he was used to introduce the grace message to the churches in Ghana and maybe some other parts of Africa, he was tricked into thinking that he started these churches. Thus every Greater Grace Church on the continent should be recognized as his work.

That he was bent on working against the church in Liberia because he felt threatened by its existence since it was not and could never be one of his so-called churches for which he always referred to it as belonging to Pastor Morin and myself. This always prompted few questions:

Was the church the Lord's? Or man’s?

Were we no longer the same members of the GG church with the same goal?

Was it now Liberia on one side and the rest of Africa on the other side in the same GG church?

What has become of the reward principles that we have been taught?

As I thought of this a little, I was saddened when I read Pastor Schaller’s letter in which he said that the Africans were enjoying the ministry of GGWO under Pastor Scibelli and should be left alone. What is the enjoyment? And in which area?

What I have experienced in Liberia from Pastor Scibelli's behavior has brought us nothing but pain. When my son was ill and in Ghana, it was the Ghanaians who were kind and caring and for this I am sure I will be called ungrateful for what P. Scibelli did for my family. The monies that I have been give to attend the Ghana conferences I am sure were monies given by people for Africa missions but I again will be called ungrateful for what P. Scibelli has done for me. So much focus on P. Scibelli yet none of those who have actually planted and labored but even less on Him who give the increase. What I have rather seen from this concept is simply this:

That the Africans cannot think for themselves,

Keep them in the darkness – do not tell them anything, even concerning the church, they are too ignorant to discern truth,

Just make their leadership and church decisions, send them few bucks and they will be fine. Then you can control them from anywhere by phone.

When our church was informed about what was going on in Baltimore via Pastor Morin's public and open concerns and written statements, Baltimore’s statements, the messages that we were hearing that were strange, I, as the pastor and father of the 16 churches here, along with my elders, with the exception of Alfred, decided in favor of the truth and the testimony of servant leaders I have know for almost 21 years. To break away and no longer be affiliated with GGWO. Until now I have not made this a written disaffiliation statement. This is it. We have been taught well and had good example in Pastor Morin. It was obvious as to where Pastor Alfred would go, so this I was prepared for and didn’t expect otherwise other than the pain again to see him break hearts and divide church. My own concern now is that they (Pastor Alfred and his men) are presently at this time with financial support from Baltimore to do so and I expect even encouragement to instead of plant new churches under their own flag, and love and respect people who even though he disagree with, to steal the ones with the same promises of money and support which to war torn Liberia is not hard to convince people here:

Going from house to house spreading all kinds of lies:

- that I have changed our church name and doctrines,

- that I have received $150,000.00 dollars from somewhere they cannot name,

- going to our Christian School parents encouraging them to take their kids from our school

Going from village to village with these lies also. It was because of this that I have just returned from one of the villages we have worked with for six years to say thanks and good bye.

After six years of dedicated services with these people, I received a letter from them saying that:

The building we put up was their effort,

That I have received sixteen thousand Liberian dollars to buy cements that I have not accounted for,

That as far as their memories could served them nothing else was done other then the zinc,

That I could do nothing to claim the building because it was on their land.

Having read their letter, I led a delegation to thank the villagers and make arrangement for those from nearby villages that were not in favor of that decision. What happened was so amazing. God truly is in control. The reception we received from this new place is beyond human explanation. Keep us in your prayers as usual.

It is so sad that the money Pastor Scibelli collects from churches and individuals is being used to break people’s hearts. Everyone of his (Pastor Alfred's) young, newly promoted men each has a cell phone and are doing every thing to prove that they are on top of things. But we know the truth. Take this letter and share with those who don't know of what is happening in Liberia and even Ghana. Pray for us. It is not easy but we trust Him who called us, will finish his work. We are only his stewards.

Ever in our Savior’s love,

Pastor Bestman