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As probably all of you know by now, I have resigned from Maryland Bible College and Seminary, my wife has resigned as the leader of the Women's Ministry, and we are not currently attending any GGWO affiliate (and that includes "Paul's church", no matter what you hear). Please bear with me for a few minutes. I am not here to vent my spleen, I am here to make a plea on behalf of the men and women, boys and girls attending the GGWO in Baltimore.

I will do this one time and then I will not bother you anymore. Ignore me if you wish, but do not write me off as a man of evil motives. You saw me pour out my life teaching and investing in people for 17 years with MBC&S and 5 years with SSB and SCS in Lenox. Don't pretend that I've suddenly become the Antichrist's right hand man.

I am not going to factnet, I am coming to you - because I believe that (on a human plane) you men are the last hope that GGWO has before there is major, irreparable, permanent damage in Baltimore (and whatever that will mean to the rest of the world). [By the way, I've never been to factnet, either. It's amazing what I'm hearing about me.] Am I being hysterical? Am I "out of it"? Am I deceived? What do you think? Did Dede Stoddard and Jacqi Gough also resign for no reason? Are all three of us lunatics? You would be SHOCKED and speechless to know of those throughout the plaza who have already gone through at least their first draft of a resignation letter, those who are scrambling to find jobs on the "outside" as soon as possible, those who are checking into realtors, those who either won't come to service or at least not enter the
chapel any more. Maybe you already know - after all, it is Greater Gossip, isn't it? So, if you know, what are you doing about it? Is this just a "family problem"? Is this just "Baltimore's problem"? I absolutely assure you that the answer to both those concepts is a resounding NO!!! And you'd better wake up to the fact that "Pastor is back" hasn't solved anything.

Gentlemen, I am the outsider now. I have nothing to gain from this plea. You are the only ones who can make a difference now. I will be very honest with you - I was going to complain to you about certain leaders and what they've done. In fact, I had to rewrite the previous sentence three times because I slipped it in anyway. I was going to send you copies of three letters I've written to Pastor Stevens complaining to him/warning him about himself and other leaders.

I was going to tell you about the Elders I talked to and what they haven't done that they should have. I'm not going to do that - but I mention those things so that you know that I at least tried to have some effect in the things that I hope you will be able to accomplish. Before God, my plea is this: the sheep are thirsty but the water is brackish; the flock is hungry but the pasture is brown. The House of God is out of order. People whose motives were pure once upon a time do not have pure motives now.

Some of you will be here this weekend for graduation. Some of you will not be here until the Convention. Please, can all of you meet together as leaders with Pastor Stevens in private to get things back on track? Keep out the "hangers on" and the spectators. If you let the Elders or MBC&S Directors in, have them remain silent. No spin doctors guiding the meeting into another dead end. How about Men of God asking the hard questions and demanding truth and accountability in the leadership of a world-wide ministry? Has honest confession and repentance become impossible in GGWO or did I miss the unwritten rule/secret understanding that the "message" only applies to the "laity".

Please demand that the leadership get on their knees and pray in unity for God to lead the ministry in every decision instead of back-room deals and hidden agendas. And for God's sake tell them that all the endowments in the world aren't going to buy them spirituality or redeem their integrity. And please let the congregation know that the days of the secret meeting or the Court of the Star Chamber are over and people will not have to come to church in anxiety over who's on which side nor have to live by every whisper or rumor of Greater Gossip.

I'm sorry things are the way they are, gentlemen. I wish you all, all God's Best: for you, for your families, for your ministries. I bear you no malice.
I am not on a crusade against GGWO anywhere - but if I didn't write to at least some of the leaders and express what I perceive to be the need, I would agonize over it for the rest of my life. I bid you Fare Well and, for those who can recieve it, MUCH LOVE. And for those who can't: Much Love anyway!

God bless you!