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To Pastor Stevens, the remaining Board of Elders at Greater Grace World Outreach, and affiliated churches.

This letter is to inform you of our last official communication as an affiliated Greater Grace Church: Over the past two and a half years Pastor Morin has attempted to address serious problems that have affected us here in Rome, as well as him and his family. We, as elders, have closely engaged in this process as well. We’ve brought honest concerns and objections in the spirit of Matt 18 and Gal. 6:1. These matters will not be addressed again in this letter.

The entire Board of Elders of GGCF in Rome, NY with the exception of Pastor Morin, who requested not to attend, met on April 24th for several important purposes. During this meeting:

1. We reluctantly accepted the resignation of Pastor Morin (see attached letter)

2. We unanimously voted to break all affiliation with GGWO until full public repentance and you initiate restoration.

3. We unanimously voted to change the name of our church.

4. We voted to seek another affiliation with an organization which seeks to honor God and His character while pursing both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment without the exclusivity and the arrogant posture of current GGWO leaders regarding its teaching.

The Board of Elders in Rome have unanimously determined, based upon patient observation and first hand information and experience, that the current direction of GGWO is both unsound doctrinally, and harmful to individuals who fervently seek to follow the Lord.

As we have stated the past two years, as brothers in Christ, our offer still stands to assist GGWO in repairing the damage caused by unhealthy doctrinal interpretations and misapplications, unbalanced leadership views, hurtful comments, slander, name calling and shunning, but not as an affiliated church. We are unwilling to sit casually by while these actions continue to bring shame to the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ and cause continuing pain and heartache to precious people in Christ’s Body.


Pastor Kevin Lewis

Pastor Chris Pruitt

Pastor Michael Phillip

Pastor Robert Duncomb

Pastor Eric Hesse

Theodore Clark