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Pastor Wood

Pastor Skip's letter:

I will be brief and to the point. Your tirades against parents and home pastors of students at MBCS need to stop. If I hear another report of you or any other member of the MBCS staff publicly or privately in any way influencing any foreign student from returning to his home country for any reason, I will summarily report you personally and MBCS to the IMF as encouraging students to violate the stipulations of their visas. I would expect that the safe thing to do and the thing that would demonstrate some degree of character and integrity would be to publicly in front of the entire student body repent and apologize for your unguarded statements. 

I repeat, the next time I hear of any disparaging statements made publicly or privately in the presence of MBCS foreign students, I will not contact you first but will go directly to the authorities naming both you and the school.

I'm tired of the bull s**t you guys are shoveling in the name of education. If you don't like my language, you can substitute the KJV "dung." It all smells the same.

Sincerely and dogmatically,
RW Wood