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Pastor Paul Stevens


September 14, 2005



Dear Pastor Stevens and Elders of GGWO,            


I want to thank you for the years of fellowship, the teaching of the gospel of Christ and allowing me to serve with you in a worldwide ministry. I have many friends all over the world because of this.


I had wonderful years of serving with my father. I will always remember them. I have learned so much and as Gal. 6:6 says according to Wuest, I will fellowship with the teachings for the rest of my life and enjoy the rewards of this message given to us by our Lord.


For some reason, God has led us to part ways. I will not go in depth about the problems we have had in the last couple of years. I think it has been talked about way to much. Needless to say, we have differences now. I pray that some day, there might be reconciliation in Christ and fellowship restored. I do not understand why things happened as they did. I am giving that over to the Lord.


Please pray for me and I will do the same for you. I do not understand the backbiting, marking and slanderous statements that have been said about me and others. I pray that you will lose this strategy of discrediting people so that you can look justified in being divided with other members of the body of Christ. The people that have been spoken against are living souls, with tremendous feelings and value before God. We are all stronger together rather then separated.  I find that most people love all of you greatly. For me, I feel that I have given God, dad and the people of GGWO, my life and was thrown away. To many of us, this is a great contradiction of what has been taught there all these years. I don’t have to tell you, we are one Body with One Head, Jesus Christ. We are the apple of His eyes, wonderfully made. Why is there such an attitude of us versus them, when someone leaves GGWO? How about the ones forced out, such as my family and me? Do you understand the pain that many have gone through? Do you care? Please take some time to show that to those who have left and live in the ministry of reconciliation that God has given us all.


It has saddened many that the leadership there has found it necessary to protect my father from those who have helped build GGWO and have been friends for a long time. The ones that have left cared for dad, the church and the world-wide ministry. They were not enemies and are not today. Yet, they have lost friends and even family because people have been told to beware of them. Do you really believe in that?


I will not forget when Pastor Schaller and Pastor Scibelli left my office there one morning. They told me that they were going to do everything they can to reconcile my relationship with my father after I preached the message and mentioned Rush Limbaugh.  The next day, I was told that I am not what I think I am and that I was done. Now, I show up to my father’s house, just to say hi and I love him. I am not allowed in, but Pastor Schaller and Scibelli are allowed in. They walk into his house and don’t even try to help restore our relationship. Many have said that the elders have told them that I tried to take over the church and when I knew I could not, I left. That is a disgusting lie. I never wanted the church and you all know that. Everyone knew my love for my father. I wanted to serve God with him for the rest of his life. I wanted him healthy. I believe you will all answer for these lies someday. There is not one elder, even those presently in your position as elder, who is innocent. You have all watched this happen and did nothing.


I am not bitter, but I am hurt, along with many others. You have robbed us of things we have worked a lifetime for. It is my conviction that you have taken advantage of Pastor Stevens to get your positions. I am glad for the things I have learned. God is Faithful and there are many lessons learned. I am sure this is just the beginning.


In summary, I am turning in my ordination because I can know longer represent GGWO in any fashion. I do not agree with your techniques of getting rid of people who disagree with you. I do not believe in the marking of believers as it is practiced there. I am in total disagreement with the private raps to slander, gossip and malign believers, that has been done there. I do not believe that we should ever use the pulpit to attack others and to promote ourselves. A.W. Tozer states, any ministry that has to live in a self-congratulatory mode all the time, is in a dangerous position with God.


I can no longer agree with the one-pastor teacher doctrine. If it is true, then many in GGWO should go back to their original pastor. What defines the one pastor-teacher role? I have heard Ecc.12, used for this doctrine. I have found there is not one other scholar that believes this is talking about a man. David said, the Lord is my shepherd. John teaches us that the good shepherd is Christ and His sheep hear His voice. I think you know this already, yet you continue to teach such things. Much more could be said about this.


I cannot believe in the “touching not God’s anointed” doctrine as it is taught there. Every believer is anointed by God, 1 John 2:27. There is no foundation for this teaching in the New Testament. Actually, there is not one doctrine that allows the promotion of man, but many that teach the opposite.


Please accept this ordination back with the heart that it is given. I have no intention of joining any bandwagon to discredit GGWO. I love you all dearly and miss you. I pray that someday things will be corrected and reconciliation will be in your hearts for the glory of God. I pray that you will get my father the help he deserves to have. You have been instrumental in removing him from the help of his family. It would have to get dirty for us to intervene. For many of us, we cannot take the rejection from our father, if he does not want us in his life. We are weary and discouraged. It is amazing that it will probably end this way.


I realize that I have done many of the things I have discussed here. I have repented for it all. I want to repent to you also, for supporting these things while I was a part of GGWO. I see the hurt it causes and the loss that is experienced in families and friends. I hope you will see this also. I have found God in a very intimate way. For that, all of this has been worth it.


God bless you,



Paul Stevens