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Florida Conference Letter

To Dr. Stevens and the Board of Elders of Greater Grace World Outreach:

It is with our deep love and respect that we, the undersigned, submit the following letter. Throughout the years we would all agree to the fact that we have all spiritually prospered and matured through the ministry of our pastor and spiritual father, Dr. Carl Stevens.

Over the last 2 years we have found our ministry in a state of great turmoil, and at present teetering on irreparable division. Many long standing relationships are strained, some fractured and others seemingly destroyed as a result. On December 5, 2004 Dr. Stevens commissioned Pastor Tom Powell to convene a meeting of the affiliated pastors. From February 1st through the 4th, 2005, the Board of Elders of GGWO and over fifty of the affiliated American and international pastors convened at Sandy Cove in Maryland. Many of us were greatly encouraged by the love and unity that was demonstrated at the Sandy Cove meetings. Through open and honest dialogue we agreed to endeavor to carry out the following process in sequence: 

  • Define key doctrines and their applications. 
  • Determine the future governing structure of our affiliation.
  • Establish a covenant which would confirm each affiliate’s commitment to the resolutions defined through this process.

Before God, we voluntarily signed the Sandy Cove covenant to affirm our affiliation and our commitment to carry this process through. In light of that commitment we had looked forward to the upcoming Sandy Cove meeting in June, 2005. Because of the continuing state of tension we feel strongly that this meeting must take place.

Our concerns are as follows:

1. That this process will not continue.
2. That the covenant is being undermined.
3. That there is sentiment that the direction that was agreed upon should not be followed.

A recent e-mail circulated by Pastors Frank Corbiere and Arnold Van Doren (both signers of the covenant), is indicative of our concern. And we quote Pastor Corbiere:

“Sandy Cove has misled a number of pastors into thinking that it was Pastor’s desire to hold such a meeting…”

As stated above, Pastor Powell was commissioned by Dr. Stevens in the presence of witnesses to arrange the meeting. This fact was also stated in writing in the opening sentence of the Sandy Cove Covenant.

Pastor Corbiere continues in reference to Sandy Cove:

“It is a movement of deception against our ministry, not by all those who attended, but by some of those who arranged it in an attempt to remove the old landmarks in our ministry…”

It was evident to all present that the proceedings of the meetings was not “deceptive” in any way but on the contrary was open, honest, and doctrinal. The meetings were focused on the clarification and affirmation, not the “removal,” of the “old landmarks” by defining cardinal, primary, and secondary doctrines. This process was to be continued in the next Sandy Cove meeting.

Pastor Corbiere continues:

“It was never agreed at SC that Baltimore was to become only one of the churches of affiliation.”

On the contrary, it was agreed by the majority that the Baltimore church was to become one of the churches in the affiliation, because clearly no one man could replace Dr. Stevens to lead this worldwide ministry.

Pastor Corbiere goes on to say:

“The majority of the Body in Baltimore and many of us in the branch ministries desire the ministry to continue as it has been, with Baltimore remaining as home base with a pastor who will lead this world wide ministry.”

We cannot speak for the Baltimore church regarding its local leadership, but we can speak as the affiliates regarding the leadership of GG worldwide. As affiliates we have voluntarily submitted to the headship of Pastor Stevens as the founder of GGWO and for this reason, we formerly recognized Baltimore as home base. We thoroughly agree that Baltimore needs to select a local pastor but do not agree that this pastor will also be the leader of the affiliates. It has now become apparent, due to the confusion and chaos, that we, the affiliates need to determine the future governing structure of the affiliation. This is one of the main reasons to continue the Sandy Cove process.

Many of us have faithfully and sacrificially supported this ministry, both financially and by sending some of our best people to Baltimore. We have remained faithful and true through diverse trials and persecutions; our loyalty should not be questioned. We write this letter in the Spirit of meekness, with much prayer; however, our resolve is firm. We have deep convictions on these issues and many of the issues brought forth at Sandy Cove I and we expect this process to continue at Sandy Cove II.

We encourage the Board of Elders of GGWO to make definitive decisions that mutually agree with the doctrines outlined in the Sandy Cove agreement, as well as their implementation. We also expect the Board of Elders to function and abide by their own by-laws. It is our deepest prayer that the unity of Sandy Cove will become our legacy for years to come.

AS WITNESS OUR HANDS AND SEALS this 31st day of March, in the year of Our Lord, 2005.

The following are a list of pastors who gave their consent and support to this letter of rebuttal in a continued support for the Sandy Cove Covenant and the future Sandy Cove plans:

1. Louie Ruvido – Rockland Maine
2. Bob White – Gorham Maine
3. Bruce Brown – South Berwick, Maine
4. Wayne Goldworthy – South Berwick Maine
5. Mike Walker – Montreal, Canada
6. Tom Powell – Tacoma, Wa.
7. Jim Cornwall – Tacoma, Wa.
8. John Hartford – Tacoma, Wa.
9. Paul Wheelock – Tacoma, Wa.
10. Greg Gamelli – Tacoma, Wa
11. Dominick Rodriguez – Las Vegas, Nevada
12. Bill Reed – New Orleans
13. Timothy Kelley - St. Pete, Fla
14. Rob Howland – St. Pete, Fla.
15. Wayne Hogarth – Westfield, Ma.
16. Chet Marshall – Westfield, Ma.
17. Jack Byers, Westfield, Ma
18. Mark Morin, Rome NY
19. Chris Pruett – Rome NY
20. Bob Duncomb – Rome NY
21. Ric Hesse – Rome NY
22. Mike Philip – Rome NY
23. Kevin Lewis – Rome NY
24. Gary Smith – Chile
25. Mark Fellows – Chile
26. David Moore – Burnt Hills NY
27. Gerry Graziano – Seneca Falls NY
28. James A. Dawley III Elder –Seneca Falls NY
29. Jason A. Martin – Seneca Falls NY
30. Timothy P. Kirkey – Seneca Falls NY
31. Alexey Klimenco – Moscow, Russia
32. Anatoly Stephanos – Moscow
33. Nicolai Gunechev - Moscow
34. Pavel Lapin – Archangel Russia
35. Vasily Mikhailov – Kaliningrad Russia
36. Maxim Ivanov – Mogelev, Belarus
37. Dennis Ellis – St Petersburg, Russia
38. Victor M Popov – St Pete, Russia
39. Robert V. Forbatok – St. Pete, Russia
40. Vadim Yanushevsky – St. Pete, Russia
41. Alexei Bogdanov – St. Pete, Russia
42. Andrei G. Beznosikov – St. Pete, Russia
43. George G. Mashkov – St. Pete, Russia
44. Andrei V. Udartchev – St. Pete, Russia
45. Dominick DiPiazza – Uchard France
46. Louie DeMeo – California
47. Mariusz Zajac – Gdanks, Poland
48. Maciej Knechciak– Warsau, Poland
49. Maciej Wilkosz – Kracow, Poland
50. Tomasz Mikulowski – Kracow, Poland
51. Piotr Slomian – Kracow, Poland
52. Larry Cavicchi – Youngstown, Ohio
53. Craig Wade – Youngstown, Ohio
54. Bill Alderson – Cleveland, Ohio
55. Terry Fleck – Indianapolis, Indiana
56. Daniel Baker – Baltimore, Maryland
57. Robert Prokop – Vienna, Austria
58. Michael LaPlume – Vienna Austria
59. Matthew Stross – Vienna, Austria
60. Dragan Jevremovic – Vienna Austria
61. Brent Orman – Vienna, Austria
62. Saulius Karosas – Kliapeda, Lithuania
63. Bob Sampson – South Berwick Maine
64. Fred Gordon – St. Pete, Fla
65. Tom Zeitler - Baltimore
66. Phil Zeitler - Baltimore
67. Phil Mawaka – Hartford, Conn.
68. Doug DelGazio – Hartford/Baltimore
69. Jean Luc Megret – Uchard, France
70. Art Atkins – Baltimore
71. Roman Rudnev – Kazan, Russia
72. Dima Borodkoa – Minsk Belaruse
73. David Michaud – Hilversum, Holland
74. Russ Cheroske – Aberdeen, Maryland
75. Joe Cabral – Baltimore
76. David Lefler – St. Pete, Fla.
77. Allan Wayne – Seneca Falls, NY
78. Wess Simmons – Tacoma, WA.
79. Larry Slater – Putney, NY
80. Jim Chase – St. Pete, Fla
81. Dan Foster – Fort Lauderdale
82. G.Wesseh Bestman – Monrovia, Liberia
83. John Bilowith – Baltimore
84. Brian Williams – Helsinki, Finland

This is not a complete list; but represents a large number of men who are in favor of what Sandy Cove meant and what it will mean in the future.