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Pastor Morin

Friday, April 22, 2005

Dear Board of Elders of GGCF,

As I have spoken with each of you in our recent elder’s meetings, the situation in GGWO in Baltimore has produced unbelievable heartaches for my family and this local church. Sunday night was a hard but positive step in the right direction for me and my family as well, and I believe for our church. This season, God will, and has been faithful to use in my life for the good and I believe for the good of our church here as well as the affiliates, worldwide.

I shared that I would not be the one leading this church out of the affiliation we have been a part of now for 17 years in Rome, so as I could not be again blamed for this action by those in Baltimore, who master in the art of public slandering, and un-biblical hurtful marking. I have no “vested” interest or bitterness resulting in my personal involvement with the situation in GGWO in the past 28 months. With my 30 years of being in GGWO, it was my desire to be a useful, godly instrument along with other pastors to help facilitate needed change and fruitful repentance as well as stand in integrity regarding my own stewardship of this precious, local church. Principle is more important than my position, integrity more important than our reputations, and revealing God’s character more important than our agendas. So, I kindly submit my resignation as senior pastor of Greater Grace Christian Fellowship, Inc. of Rome, NY effective Monday, April 25, 2005.

Come April 30th, the response deadline to our April 18, 2005 letter to Pastor Stevens and the GGWO elders in Baltimore, should you not receive a healthy response of action, it will be your decisions as the remaining board of Elders to choose the direction you prayerfully want to lead this church regarding its affiliation and name. Should you decide as a board to move forward and change the church’s name and become affiliated with a healthy, accountable group of churches, I would be honored to prayerfully accept any leadership position you might offer. If not, it has been my deepest and greatest privilege to serve along side of each of you these years. I was entrusted by God with its stewardship as your pastor, and its stewardship I will relinquish. My and Barbara’s prayers are with each of you during this challenging yet God directed time.

I Cor. 15:58

Jesus Never Fails!

Pastor Mark M. Morin