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Pastor Graziano

April 29, 2005

To the Board of Elders of GGWO,

This letter should not come as a surprise, since the joint letter that Pastor Morin and I sent to you has been in your possession now for almost two weeks and you have not contacted us. We are frankly shocked that there has been no formal response from you to such a serious letter.

That, is the sad testimony of the current attitude being expressed.

This will be the last time we communicate to you officially as a Greater Grace affiliated church.

Our elders have agreed to break fellowship with you as a church, based upon your lack of response to the personal, practical and biblical concerns we expressed in our letter of April 15th.

Our offer to help you as brothers in Christ still stands. If you decide to address the concerns that have been expressed in our letters and publicly repent for those actions we will assist you in any way possible.

In Christ,

Pastor Gerald Graziano
Seneca Falls, NY