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Russian Pastors

April 30 2005

To Pastor Schaller and all GGWO pastors,

We write this letter unanimously agreed and in complete union as Russians and Belorussian pastors:
P. Alexey Klimenko, P. Vasily Lastochkin, P. Anatoly Stepanov, P. Nikolay Gunichev,
P. Dmitry Bybliy and all the elders from Moscow Church
P. Roman Rudnev and all the elders from Kazan Church
P. Dmitry Borodko and all the elders from Minsk Church, Belorussia
P. Dennis Ellis, P. Victor Popov, P. Robert Forbatok, P. Vadim Yanushevsky, P. George Mashkov
and all the elders from St.Petersburg Church
P. Alexey Bogdanov and all the elders from Vyborg Church
P. Andrey Beznosikov and P. Andrey Udartchev missionaries in Tumen
P. Sergey Sotnikov and all the elders from N.Angarsk Church
P. Vasily Mikhailov and all the elders from Kalinigrad Church
P. Pavel Lapin and all the elders from Archangelsk Church
P. Maxim Ivanov and all the elders from Mogilev Church, Belorussia

We write this letter to you because we can’t be silent concerning situation in the ministry that we always loved, supported and serve.

We want to officially inform you that because of the situation in the ministry we want to step aside and prayerfully consider future direction of the union of the Russia Churches.

Till the major issues in the ministry will be resolved and offended ones will consider this satisfactory we will not attend any events of GGWO, we will not participate in any missionary program.

Here are some of the issues that concerns us, as many others in the ministry, some of them remind us about COMMUNIST time and actions (especially modes of the ministry – the same as communist party would act) and makes us deeply consider the situation and our involvement and support of it.

We don’t agree with the war that Baltimore elders and the church had around election of P.Roger and all unbiblical behavior. We don’t agree that there is no transparency from the elders of Baltimore on the issue of sin of a leader and misuse of ministry money. This is plain unaccountability.

We don’t understand how we can run other Christians down (even in our own ministry especially pastors) and discredit their work just because they aren’t GGWO (or think not like we are), wile we as a ministry remain in unresolved state. We do want to build on Christ in the centre and not on advice from the ones who are not accountable themselves – this is not Christ centered and Biblically based Christianity.

We do know (some of us participated in Sandy Cove) that in the council of 66 GGWO pastors we concluded that we need to seriously consider some of our teaching and practices concerning GGWO pastoral functions and structure of our ministry. We find now that all of this wisdom was neglected and despised. We realize that your definition of affiliation means you want to be over us in all maters and we do not agree. This definition is not what we had when P. Stevens was leading the ministry and force us to become a denomination.

Many times we were pressured in our service to God that we are not anointed, or not enough loyal to
P. Stevens or not doing what Baltimore does in Russia or our messages are not from God. Till this day we have people “so loyal to Baltimore” that they are constantly in opposition of our leadership and their protest connected mostly with the word from the mouth of “so called spiritual people or those who have a discernment” and not from the Bible.

There is campaign to try to convince us as well as other people in the ministry who doesn’t know this information that everything is alright and that there is a revival going on in the ministry. We need to see repentance and change all the unbiblical behavior not even speaking about violation of Finished Work in almost every aspect concerning love and grace.

From the

Centralized religious Organization of Evangelical Christians
Moscow Russia