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Pastor Corbiere

May 1, 2005

Dear Pastor Schaller,

We the humble church body in Braintree congratulate you on your new position of Chief Elder/Pastor of Greater Grace World Outreach; voted for by the Baltimore local assembly on April 16, 2005, and validated by the elders, by a vote of 8 - 0, on Friday, April 22, 2005.

We are bountifully blessed that you have shown your heart of great respect for Pastor Carl H. Stevens; for his life of dedication to Christ, the Gospel, and every one of us who have been part of this ministry for so many years, by providing him his position due in the Body of Christ, as Senior Pastor.

I, Pastor Franck Corbiere, Head Pastor of Greater Grace Church of Boston, personally witnessed a healthy church body, and increased revival among the brethren at Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore during the three services and raps and outreaches that I personally attended in the same time interval expressed in the first paragraph, despite the external and internal unfair oppositions. My spirit and soul were blessed and fed by the presence of God during the rich messages that I heard, and by the intense fellowship.

Hereafter, Greater Grace Church of Boston purposes in our hearts and in writing, to continue to pursue the most blessed affiliation with Greater Grace World Outreach, and to be under the spiritual covering of Pastor Carl H. Stevens; founder of the ministry, and Pastor Thomas Schaller, with the signing of this letter by myself and the elders of our church.

In His Grace,

Franck Corbiere, Pastor

Joel Samuel, Assistant Pastor

David Merrett, Elder

John FIllebrown, Elder

Natrum Nathasingh, Deacon

Shem Henry, Deacon

cc: P. CH Stevens, and the GGWO Elders