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Lost opportunity
  I happened to land on this site by "accident". Part of [this issue] is what the CRI report was referring to as lost potential to become a REALLY big, (inter)national Christian influence. In my spirit I really feel the loss of something precious that could have grown larger AND healthier.

Reading the CRI report now for the first time I must say that it rings so true. The superior mentality and seclusiveness, sensitiveness to criticism, confusing exegesis (private interpetation!) on the negative side; and great enthusiasm, sincerity and love on the positive side. Also in Finland GGWO has typically not been much involved with the rest of the Evangelical community.

I was involved with the Helsinki church from 1977 to about 1995. I had heard about the Martin report but never saw it. Instead I heard some heavy criticism of [the report]. As I read the report now I pondered on the dynamics which Stevens' inability to face and discuss difficult issues (as mentioned by CRI) created downstream in branch ministries. It was manifested at least in my case in that when I raised a doctrinal issue, it was soon interpreted by a leading brother to be conspiracy. Probably also related to this avoidant attitude toward difficult personal issues is the peculiar reluctance in GGWO (I speak of a time 7-8 yrs ago) to accept the need of psychotherapy and many forms of counseling. I'm sure some were badly hurt because they did not have the freedom to seek psychological/psychiatrical help but were just advised to "receive the word" from the pulpit.

I felt I wanted to say something on these pages, perhaps only for the sake of clearing my own impressions on TBS/GGWO. 18yrs in a ministry is a long time, most of it was good for me, some bad. May God bless all who read this, especially those I learned to know in TBS/GGWO.

P.L, Psychiatrist (Espoo, Finland)