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Site is not objective

I think that while [this] website claims to be "fair and balanced", it is carefully spun to cause the reader to be overly suspicious of GG. I do not know who is running the website and deciding what to place on it. What I have observed is that apparently [some people] are associated with it and I do not believe they are neutral in their views of GG.

Posting newspaper articles without checking sources is not necessarily fair. If you carefully read newspaper articles you will observe that they are concerned mostly with quotes from people about other people or situations. There is rarely an examination of the person quoted and his or her bias. For instance, the article about Pastor Love was not about him at all. It was about his affiliation with GG and a rehashing of all the same old stuff that has been around for many years from the same old sources. It then made Pastor Love guilty by association.

In the Open Forum section, [as I write this] there are two anonymous letters. My impression from reading them is that the first was written by a member who told of her experience and her opinion of the current situation. She seemed sincere and clear. The second was not an opposing view from someone about his experience. Instead it was a spin job and it gave the impression that every good thing done in the church was done for ulterior motives and that everyone in the church is brainwashed. It looked to me like someone read two or three books about cults and decided he was an expert on psychological manipulation. He then proceeded to exaggerate about the church’s methods to make them into an evil destructive cult. Of course this undermines the concepts of conversion, transformation and sanctification that is often the experience of new believers coming out of a worldly lifestyle which is another subject. My point is that it is not balanced.

Only time will tell if the new website will be as promised. I sincerely hope I am proven wrong about it.