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Response to Mr. Anonymous ( Hodueon)‏
   First, let me say that my response to the latest reaction to my letter is for the benefit of those who may happen upon this anonymous web-site inadvertantly. What is found here is the type of venomous slander that is contained in the reaction to my original letter, which is also anonymous. Anonymity, of course, is often the shield of a coward. They take pot shots at someone under the cover of darkness to escape accountability for their actions. This anonymous writer (Hodueon) has no interest in the truth, only in his vindictive agenda of hatred against Pastor Stevens and GGWO. He needs to read 1Jn.3:11-14 and 1Jn.4:7-21 and stop violating the love of God. This isn't about any one person or church, this treatment is wrong regardless of who it's against.
  I'm going to make these points as briefly as I can.
Re: the first 5 points - Point #1 is a lie. Pastor Stevens has never ever taught that God will judge someone who leaves Greater Grace. After 33 years with him I can say this absolutely. Point #2 - The Bible teaches very plainly ( and is accepted almost universally by born-again Christians) that our sins are forgiven, forgotten, and gone forever through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. This is basic and elementary Bible doctrine regarding salvation. If Mr. Anonymous doesn't know this he needs a kindergarten lesson in the Bible. In addition, we don't have consequences from God though we may have them on the human plane ( socially or judicially ). God may have to chastise a believer for habitual sin, but it is for his benefit not as punishment. Jesus recieved our punishment as our substitute on the Cross.
Point #3 & #4 - Mr. Anonymous makes this slanderous accusation more than once in his extended diatribe, so I will put it to rest one time. You can line up as many false witnesses as there are people who are willing to lie. This is why even in the judicial system on earth you need coorroborating evidence besides eye witnesses. And the burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. The supposed witnesses in this case are anonymous and will obviously remain that way for two reasons: one, their accusastions are false; and two, if they came forward they would become accountable for their slander. Especially if their accounts pertain to personal knowledge they may have regarding the medical realm. There are federal laws they would be violating.
Point #5 - baseless and false.
Next un-numbered point : God has not ordained, nor is there any Biblical justification for Church police organizations like CRI and others in the Body of Christ. These self-appointed watch-dog groups serve only themselves and their own pharisaical agendas.
Next point : That someone would abandon their precious faith in Christ because of what any Christian leader has done is silly beyond words. People are being martyred for their faith in Sudan. Anyone who is truely saved has faith in Christ alone and not in any man.
Next : No one has ever excused habitual sin, and if anyone is living that way it is no one's fault but their own.
Next : Many marriages fail despite the best efforts of Christian leaders or even of God Himself. Mature adults make their own decisions.
Next four numbered points : point #1 - I've answered this previously.
Point #2 - This is a silly, paranoid assertion.
Point #3 - Already covered this slander.
Point #4 - Covered this also; absolutely meaningless. These accusations are indeed idle. There is no evidence, and it does not besr any objective scrutiny.
Next point : My usage of the word "judge" is correct in the context of Mt.7:1 and Rom.2:1. Of course there are other meanings for this word in the original language and in the context of their usage.
Next point : I do not challenge the validity of any para-church, as long as they are operating in legitimate Biblical parameters. Once again, if they are producing spiritual fruit I have no argument with them at all. However, if they set themselves up as arbitrary judges over other believers then I have a serious problem with them.
Next point : No one has any knowledge regarding who is or isn't saved. Only the person themselves and God. It's also important to point out that the saved person is capable of doing anything that an unsaved person is capable of.
Next point : The only difference between CRI and FactNet is that CRI used innuendo in theor report ( cultic tendencies ) while FactNet carries references that use the word " cult". As an example : If you say that someone has homosexual tendencies, it has the same effect to the hearer as if you just say he is a homosexual. One is innuendo, the other is a direct reference. The effect is the same with both.
Next point : The term " character assassination " coming from Mr. Anonymous is rather amusing after all he has said in his letter.
Next point : No one in GGWO makes this kind of generalization regarding ex-members, nor do I.
Next two numbered points : Pastor Stevens does indeed teach that grace is an attribute of God, but it is not a cardinal doctrine. If Mr. Anonymous doesn't know the cardinal doctrines of the faith, once again he needs to go back to Christian kindergarten and learn what is universally accepted as the elemental, foundational doctrines that bind all born-again Christians together.
Point #2 - Pastor Stevens has always taught that having a deep walk with God will only depend on a person's willingness to get to know God through prayer and meditation on His Word.
Next point : Mr. Anonymous's ignorance of the cardinal doctrines disqualifies him from using the word heresy in reference to anyone's teaching. He is wrong, of course, but he is sounding a little bit like someone from the Spanish Inquisition during the Middle Ages.
Next point : Mr. Anonymous is the poster boy for Prov.6:16-19, because he has committed all of the sins of the tongue listed in that portion. And accoding to 1Jn.3:15, by haying his brother in Christ he is committing murder.
Next point : GGWO merely responded to the requests of those who did not want to break with GGWO and become a part of IAGM.
Next point : It's amazing how Mr. Anonymous can even use the words " false witness " after all his ad hominim attacks against Pastor Stevens and GGWO. Apparently legitimate responses to slanderous attacks are deemed as false witness in his twisted thinking.
Next : The Biblical process of restoration has always been circumvented or ignored by those who have made the types of claims that Mr. Anonymous has detailed. It's because they have no pesonal integrity or any interest in restoration. It doesn't fit their hidden agenda.
Next : There are enough examples of how God deals with personal sin in the Bible. They all had mercy, grace, and sometimes firm discipline given to them by God. But it was always predicated by God's love. I personally do not believe the accusations made against Pastor Stevens, Pastor Schaller and others in GGWO. But, even if they turned out to true it would not change the depth and quality of my friendship towards them. And it would not nullify the very real fruit and the sacrificial service that is the hallmark of Pastor Stevens ministry. We are all flawed human beings and have fallen short of God's expectations. That is what Calvary is all about.
  Finally, I don't expect this response to have any effect upon Mr. Anonymous and those like him. I would hope they wouldn't but I expect they will continue their crusade of hatred regardless of any reasoned, objective attempts to sway them. My hope is that others will read this and be positively effected by it. I expect there will be further reactions to this communication but I will offer no more responses on this forum. Thank you.
                                                                                     Signed, Laird Bean