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Response to "Still at GGWO"

GGWO does not win souls; it wins followers. If you get to enter, you can go out only with negative labels from the pastor and the people who had pretended to love you 'unconditionally'. No other church you go to is as 'good' as GG - you are a backslider or going to something inferior if you go to another church, although all churches are the Bride of Christ.

Unconditional love should be given to all people ... with no condition, but GG has no love for the people whom they don't like - they have to leave. Unconditional love is only for flatterers and people they "win" on the street - those they don't know, potential followers. But the test of real love is what you do when you have to put up with people who are with you all the time, people who are different than you.

Please don't talk about bitterness and don't judge the people who tell the truth about GG. They were very involved and dedicated to God and to GG - do you think they just became bitter all of a sudden? Don't you think they were close enough to see things behind the scene - things you don't see?

Do you have a right to say they are bitter? It is God who judges the motives of the heart. And what is the difference between bitterness and the urge to tell others about the dangers of being involved in what you thought to be a great church but is in fact a cult? What would you do if you saw what's behind the scene and you suffered the consequences and the damage in your life? Wouldn't you try to warn people?

You take things so lightly - what do you know about pain and trauma so big that people need special counseling to recover, and suffer from spiritual and emotional abuse even 6 years after leaving? No trust in Christians, in pastors, in churches anymore... What do you know about broken hearts, broken families, broken relationships? Have you ever gone to bed crying out to God continuously "God heal me! Heal me God!" and the pain and the cry are there for months and you don't know what to do with it? Have you been through such incredible suffering because of your pastor?

You speak about winning souls in your area - do you know this was the very reason the 'grace' pastor hated us? For having a huge ministry that reached out to thousands every year. He stopped it - we were the only ones bringing people to church who then stayed and became disciples. He was so full of hatred that we had to leave the church. He started telling people lies about us and that we are from the devil and they should never come to our house. Loving people obeyed...

There is a difference between bad things and evil. People should not stay away from imperfect churches, but they should avoid by all means abusive churches. But what do you know? Have you been there? Have you dedicated your time to disciple people, and the very people you brought to the church now hate you because they had a one-hour discussion with the pastor and he spoke evil about you and advised them to break any relationship with you? Have you been under a pastor whose fruit is hatred, broken relationships, envy, control?

What do you know? Have you talked to the people who left? Have you known their reasons, their pain and their experience? Have you listened objectively to both sides? Is God a respecter of persons - does He listen only to one side?

What do you know? Have you been there?