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Insider Concerns
Summary of Concerns Regarding The Bible Speaks/Greater Grace World Outreach
The following was compiled in 2004 primarily by former and current staff members. They cite first-hand accounts of sinful wrongdoing, pervasive deceitfulness, and an ongoing refusal by those in positions of authority, including its ultimate leader and authority, Carl Stevens, to accept accountability.
Over the years individuals have observed Biblically incorrect doctrine, improper use of church funds, and gross mistreatment of members. They have approached Carl Stevens in an attempt to discuss those issues. Their attempts were met with denials, deceptions, diversions and reprisals.

The unresolved, continuing issues are:
Improper understanding and use of delegated authority - This is documented in the Christian Research Institute Report, Dovydenas Case court transcripts, Lake Elsinor disaffiliation letter and the personal testimony of former members.
No public polity of correction and/or discipline of a pastor - There is no written, published, distributed, referenced or practiced Biblical process, specifically with regard to the behavior of Carl Stevens. He has never been corrected or disciplined for malevolent actions.
Lack of conformity to preached doctrine - Carl Stevens has established a biblical doctrine that actively discourages slander or gossip. He clearly instructs his followers not to practice these tactics. He does not abide by this doctrine, specifically when referring to members who leave or question his ministry.
Malicious treatment of exiting church members by the leader - This has been actively practiced by Carl Stevens for over 30 years. Within small groups and in front of the entire congregation, he has maligned the character of those leaving, and has used slander and gossip. He considers those leaving his ministry for any reason to be his enemy and treats and refers to them as such.
Mental status changes of the leader - Within both small groups and in front of the entire congregation, Carl Stevens has exhibited slurred and unintelligible speech, lapses in recall and judgment resulting in both an inability to effectively communicate to his followers and the profession of false doctrine. On 7/14/2004 it was necessary for him to be prompted in order to continue the service. On 6/25/04 he made statements that were faulty and biblically inaccurate. He was approached regarding the doctrinal issue and made assurances privately that he would correct himself and his false teaching publicly at the next service, but he did not.
Active substance abuse by the leader - It is known to many that Carl Stevens struggles with a substance abuse problem that has on occasion become life threatening. His misuse of prescription narcotics has contributed to the deterioration of his cognitive state. He has strenuously resisted the intervention of his family members.
Malicious treatment of family member by the leader - When a member of leadership, who is also an immediate family member, attempted to address his substance abuse, a written indictment of the person was composed and the church bylaws changed to prevent the person from succeeding Carl Stevens as leader. There is written documentation of these actions. In addition, deceitful practices were employed in order to prevent the family member from attending these meetings while the documents were being crafted. Carl Stevens made condemning, malicious statements about the person during services so that the individual was considered an enemy of the Baltimore church. All of these actions were taken in spite of the fact that the intervention was motivated only by love, and had possibly saved Carl Stevens' life. Further, when this family member began a separate church in general proximity to but not in competition with the Baltimore church, he was again the subject of indirect verbal attack by Carl Stevens during services.
Inaction of those in leadership regarding the substance abuse of the leader - The elders of the Baltimore church and some affiliated ministries are aware that Carl Stevens is misusing prescription drugs and have not acted. They are not assisting him in receiving treatment, and continue to enable his self-destructive behavior, allowing him to repeatedly embarrass himself in public.
Disunity and discord between the elders - There is infighting among the elders, who are perplexed and indecisive regarding the issues related to the leader. There is a lack of consensus and, therefore, a lack of action to resolve the issues and bring the church back into a state of Biblical compliance. This inaction has allowed situations to continue and problems to multiply.
Deception of the church members by the elders - The elders have been dishonest regarding the leader's substance abuse, and have actively lied to prevent public disclosure of it.
Failure to act in a manner that is dutiful to the position of elder - The elders have not been faithful in their duties by failing to act on the numerous breaches of Biblical doctrine and behavior by Carl Stevens.
Intimidation, manipulation and coercion by an elder - Written internal documents have been composed and distributed by an elder regarding issues with other persons in leadership positions which contain fabricated details and falsehoods in an attempt to intimidate, manipulate and/or coerce individuals into behaving in a certain manner. Other staff members are aware of these specious indictments and do not address the unbiblical action.
Violation of accepted biblical doctrine by the leader regarding an accusation of a church member - Allegations of wrong-doing, subsequently determined to be false, were received by Carl Stevens and the elders in the absence of the accused member, a clear violation of scripture. The accuser was bound by an oath not to speak of the issue to the member, even if asked directly. The elders were also instructed to say nothing to the member or spouse.
Inappropriate use of church funds by the leader - An adulterous affair by a staff pastor resulted in money being paid as part of a concerted effort to keep an unethical, possibly illegal, situation from being made public.
Malicious treatment of a victimized spouse by the leader - Carl Stevens, along with church elders, actively and aggressively maligned the character of the husband victimized by this adulterous affair in front of the entire congregation.
Public profession of false biblical doctrines by the leader - These include, but are not limited to, delegated authority, salvation by obedience, geographical will of God, the presentation of the believer at the Bema Seat by the leader. It is evidenced in both spoken and written form by publications by and recordings of the leader.